THE SKINNY “Our Stories”

My 1st residency as a “Professional DJ” was @ La Linea Lounge in the L.E.S, we would hang there religiously on saturdays that transformed to a weekly gig for me. The energy was off the rocker but that prompted me to want to start my own movement in a party form that morphed into Throwback Thursday in 2008.  The spot I was blessed to land at was The Skinny Bar Lounge. For some reason New York oozed from this spot, A railroad type of bar with a dive vibe and look to it. My partner in crime Lovett Hines, AKA The Mayor of the L.E.S. was the the connection and part of the vision. We set out to just do an afterwork thing to bring like minded people together to listen, dance, look & laugh. Boy we didn’t know that it would turn into a 3+ year run of us bringing together some of the coolest people. Big John held down the door. Hillary, Taki, Alex & Andre had the Barkeep duties on lock, while Lovett held court downstairs with me playing those classic hip hop, soul, funk, rock, pop, reggae & Electro videos from the 70’s – 90’s.  From that branding started & Todd’s AutoBody Opened up. We definitely got your body moving. All things come to an end, but in our case hurricane Sandy 2012 helped facilitate that and our beloved skinny was closed due to damage from Sandy. For almost 3 years we longed for those Throwback Thursdays.  During that time off from the skinny, to parallel that I was battling some health issues in which I had to basically change my lifestyle and get in better shape. While I watched the reconstruction of the skinny basically getting bigger while I had to get skinnier, go figure.  However the reconstruction of the skinny & me were both successes. Now my fav spot in the L.E.S. has food as well as those $5 drinks that we grew to love. Jim Sean & Dan are still the owners and Beats & Burgers(WayBack Wednesday) is born that same love & Energy we put into Throwback Thursday will apply here, but now you can get a burger & fries to go with that cocktail.   So join us on Wednesdays if you are in the L.E.S. 174 Orchard St for the feel good vibe come holla @ ya dudes.

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