Music To Walk Home By

Always looking for new tunes for personal pleasure is part of  the daily deal and these things come anytime anywhere grocery shopping art exhibits, Bodega or at brunch where this particular discovery was met.  One crisp autumn saturday morning after one of my sometimes brisk walks this one in prospect park me & the lovely Rachel Watts look to treat ourselves to a well deserved meal after our 6 mile romp & Lea restaurant on Courtelyou Rd is it and while eating conversing & people watching I hear a tune reminiscent to something the Beatles would have banged out in the 60’s a psychedelic soulful airy drum heavy tune.  Always at arms length is the Note 4 “Hmm Hmm Plug :)” the app sound search by google fire it up and what came back was Tame Impala Feels like i’m only going backwards Instantly picked up there Lonerism debut which is a cool album but the only other song that clicked with me was called Music To Walk Home By I guess the name drew me first but after actually listening to the record once again blown away is an understatement where it feels like where only going backwards is about 75 bpm Music To Walk Home By is about 104 bpm with that MGMT Electric Feel Vibe but heavier on the drums this is the stuff i crave and what fills my hour & forty minute walks.  What stands out amongst other things is the bridge on this the drummer puts down some amazing patterns that we do not hear much of in this digital age of music something i need to see performed live so i guess this post is to give props to the band Tame Impala and the joy of moving to my own soundtrack AKA music to walk home by.


These Pics are of the route I took the day of the post which starts @ 38 st & 8th Ave midtown up to 149st Adam Clayton Powell Jr blvd Harlem AKA Home

wpid-20141208_095550.jpgwpid-2014-12-08-16.41.49.jpg.jpeg wpid-20141208_103641.jpgwpid-20141208_105429-1.jpg wpid-2014-12-08-16.44.30.jpg.jpeg wpid-2014-12-08-16.43.53.jpg.jpeg wpid-2014-12-08-16.43.26.jpg.jpeg




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